About Us
"If you're not Smoove, you're Rough."

The SmooveGal Brand is a small company that was founded in June 2016 and is based in Houston, Texas.
Here at SmooveGal our motto is : Beauty is only a Blink away. We want to give or customers warm welcome from the SmooveGal Brand. We always strive to deliver the most luxurious and affordable products for our customers. Here at SmooveGal, you can enjoy a wide variety of luxury products all handrafted with love and care. Our products can be slayed by both men and women and will help complete your look. Afterwards, why not take a selfie and slay some more?
The SmooveGal Mission
SmooveGal's mission is to provide the best high quality products at the best prices. Not only making beauty lovers feel and look good, but we also want them to feel right at home when they shop with us.
Our Story
Letter from the CEO
My name is Autumn Hulett, I am the founder of SmooveGal. Growing up, I've always had a passion for making others feel good about themselves by encouraging them the be the best versions of themselves through beauty. The SmooveGal Brand wasnt always just Beauty though. At first, I was selling sunglasses to my family durng the summer before my frshman year of college so I can save up for a car. After years of traveling back and forth to the beauty supply store In my neighborhood, I found myself, family, and friends spending hundreds of dollars at these stores on products that were too expensive for the poor quality.

That didn't sit right with me.

I began to do my research on products my family and friends would invest in, as well as providing the best high quality products at the right prices. 

Being that SmooveGal is a black-owned business, I believe that people of color should invest in businesses that actually care about their wallet as well as providing outstanding customer service. The company started with a box of sunglasses I was selling for $10 out of my bedroom. It has now grown into a business that is being recognized nationally, and growing rapidly everyday.

Being a college student and entreprenuer is very difficult, but there is no better feeling than seeing women and men around the globe wearing my products and saying that SmoveGal is now one of their favorite brands because of the quality and customer service they've experienced. 

Happy Shopping!

Autumn Hulett,
CEO of SmooveGal